Graeme Swinton

I am a designer who specialises in user-interface (UI), user-experience (UX) and graphic design.

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Watershed is the South-West's leading film, culture, and digital media centre. I designed their website, which was developed in-house. During the UX process we examined the user needs and were able to streamline and refine the site architecture to offer both focus and ease of use.

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UI, UX, Design system

Empire Fighting Chance

Originating in Bristol in 2006, Empire Fighting Chance is an amazing charity focused on sport for development. They have made a positive impact on numerous young lives by developing an approach that combines boxing and psychology, bound by an unwavering commitment to be 'in their corner'.

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Real World Records

Peter Gabriel established Real World Records in 1989 to provide artists from all over the world with access to state-of-the-art recording facilities and audiences beyond their geographic location. After a competitive pitch I was selected to design and build their new website.

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UI, UX, PM, Dev


Evora Global is a consulting firm that assists clients in increasing the sustainability and lowering the climate risk of their real estate holdings. I was part of the core team at Panda responsible for developing Evora Global's ESG software platform called 'SIERA+'.

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UI, Design system

Action Hero

Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse are artists who work in a variety of mediums, including performance, installation, sound, digital and public art. I’d worked with them previously on the identity of the Oh Europa! project and when it came to a new website they asked me...

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UI, PM, Dev, Identity


Panda are a group of skilled researchers, designers and developers located in the South-West, led by Product Strategist Alastair Lee. They are experts at figuring out what users need and using research, collaboration and strategy to achieve specific goals.

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UI, Identity

Empire Tracker

Empire Fighting Chance is an amazing organisation that helps deprived young people get back on their feet through non-contact boxing and personal support. This was one of those wonderful projects where the client has an idea and you’re able to go off and find the solution, get it built and then see real world use and how it makes a difference.

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